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redwood lake

Redwood Lake


Redwood Lake is the lake directly in front of you when you leave the main carpark. It is a 1.75-acre well-established lake and has an island located off-centre.


Redwood Lake has 32 pegs spaced out along its banks, including some wider pegs for family use. The lake has depth variations from 4.5ft to 11ft.


At Redwood Lake, you will find many natural features such as lily pads, reeds, bullrushes, overhanging trees and bushes. Some pegs are platforms whilst others are nestled between the bushes on paving stones.


To decide if Redwood Lake is the right lake for your day of fishing, review our "Which Lake" guide.


Fish stocked in Redwood Lake:

Carp, Bream, Tench, Barbel, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Crucian and Chub.

Fish range in size, with Bream up to 5lb, Carp up to 22lb, Tench up to 6lb, and Perch up to 3lb.


Baits/Tactics for Redwood Lake:

  • You can get good numbers of small- to medium-sized silver fish using maggot, caster or worm
    on the short pole or waggler
  • Most bigger weights from this lake are made of Carp and F1s. To target these there are three main approaches:
    • 1. Fish up-in-the-water on the pole or pellet waggler with a banded hard pellet
    • 2. Fish hard on the bottom at 8-14 Metres with a big bait such as Corn, Meat or Paste for Carp and F1s
    • 3. Fish feeder to the island for Carp and F1s
  • Sometimes it is worth baiting the margin heavily with pellets for the odd ‘wandering’ big Carp


Redwood Park is host to 7 fishing lakes: Redwood Lake, The Arc, The Canal, The Lagoon, Jessica's Pond, Lily's Pond, and The Moat. You can also read about the facilities we have on offer. Or use our guide, Which Lake to Fish?


Redwood Lake Photos:


carp caught on the arc nice fish caught angling in york carp caught on the arcredwood lake - home to some the largest carp in yorkshire carp caught on the arc bullrushes overlooking the fishing at redwood park redwood lake with sunset




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