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A Helpful guide to your First Time Fishing


Why go fishing?

why go fishing

Fishing is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the outdoors while learning a new skill.  It’s also a great way to spend time with family and friends.  Those who really enjoy the sport will eventually want to buy their own kit and practice their own techniques to draw out the fish, whether they go for the biggest carp or a rare breed like a Gudgeon or Rudd.  Personal bests can be made and beaten, not to mention the fishery’s records or even the nationals if you get really good!


By having an interest in fishing, people also find themselves having an interest in conservation and taking care of the environment.  The fishing ambience in general can be very relaxing when simply sitting in a peaceful location surrounded by singing birds, rustling trees and hearing fish jump. At Redwood Park one of our main goals after creating a top notch fishery, was to create a beautiful environment for fishermen and their friends & family to enjoy when they visit.


What do you need to get started?


Fishing Licence

why go fishing

Wherever you fish in the UK, on a river or fishery like Redwood Park, you will need a fishing licence unless you are under 12.  There are concessions available for 12-16 year-olds and seniors (over 65). You can be fined up to £2,500 for fishing without a rod licence by the Environment Agency. 


You can also purchase a 1-day licence.  For fishing at Redwood Park you will only need the “non-migratory trout and coarse” fishing licence, which you can buy online, or by calling the Post Office or going into any post office to buy in person.

Website for licence information:


Fishing Tackle

fishing tackle

If you don’t already have access to fishing tackle from a friend or family member, the basic tackle mentioned below are a good starting place.  You may be able to go to a tackle shop and find a starter kit also.  You can also read this beginner’s guide to coarse fishing and many others you can find online.


Basic tackle:


Other items you may want after you have tried fishing a few times:  plummet, scissors, chair, rod rest, tackle box, fishing umbrella, pole (and accompanying items), and the list goes on depending on how much you love the sport.


Fishing Bait:

There are many kinds of bait you can try from household canned goods (spam and sweetcorn) to those you’ll find at a regular tackle shop, such as maggots and casters.


What do you need to know?

learn to fish with an experienced angler

For the first time you go fishing, you should go with an angler who can show you the ropes, e.g., how to set up your rod, hook your baits, strike a fish, remove the hook and release the fish successfully.


There are national and local rules when you are fresh-water fishing, aimed at protecting fish and fisheries.  For example, we have many rules that pertain to fish protection on our rules page (such as only one rod being used at one time, no fish to be removed from site, returning the fish quickly and carefully to the lakes, etc.)


What should I know about Fishing at Redwood Park?


Buying your ticket

buying your ticket

Day tickets are sold on site; reservations are not taken unless you are booking a match for a team of 6 or more and wish to reserve parts of a lake or a whole lake.  Ticket prices are on our general information page.


When you enter the first car park, you will see a payment area on the left between 2 green cabins, next to the large map.  Here you can fill in a ticket slip for your party (number of anglers, regular or concession, etc) and add the correct money into the envelope, then post it in the red post box.  Remember to bring correct change.


Choosing a Lake. At Redwood Park Fishery, we have 4 fishing lakes to choose from.  Not all will be available on any given day, but you should see an announcement when you enter Redwood Park about any matches being held that day.  The Moat is always open to pleasure fishing and a great lake to start out, with its family pegs (wider space) and large variety of fish.  However, all our lakes provide excellent fishing opportunities, and don’t feel like you have to stay at one particular lake or one peg as long as you don’t disturb other anglers when you move about. 


why go fishing

You can also check out our guide – which lake should I fish?

The best thing is to start out on a nice day (weather-wise), have a variety of baits, some snacks for yourselves, and have fun!




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