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As always, keep a safe distance, maintain your bubbles and wear face masks where appropriate

If you have any questions, check the government guidelines or call Paul on 07909 956532 or Tony on 01347 811561.


Redwood Park Fishing Festival: 2022
6, 7, 8 and 9th April


fishing festival 2022


This year's annual Redwood Fishing Festival is held on the 4 major lakes (Redwood, Arc, Canal, and the Lagoon) at Redwood Park over 4 days. There is a maximum of 40 anglers for this event. Each angler fishes each lake.


There will be section prizes awarded each day and the top 4 anglers will receive cash prizes.  More information to follow. 


Sign up now to secure your team's position. Contact us online, send us a Facebook message, or by calling 07909 956532 or 01347 811561


£100 to enter. Non-refundable deposit £50.



Signed Up Anglers:


Ricky Armstrong (No Deposit)


Ryan Charter (No Deposit)

Paul Chappell (Deposit Paid)


Matthew Chappell (Deposit Paid)

Grant Walker (No Deposit)


Graham Lowery (No Deposit)

Davey Barker (No Deposit)


Chris Rose (Deposit paid)

Mel Graves (Deposit Paid £60)


Lee Bramham (No Deposit)

Dave Hughes (Deposit Paid)


Mike Turner (Deposit Paid)

Tony Chappell (No Deposit)


Jamie Pawson (No Deposit)

Ant evans (Total Paid £100)


Dave Hodgson (No Deposit)

Tom Bainbridge (No Deposit)


Reece Smith

Ant Richardson (Deposit Paid)


May Potter (No Deposit)

Jonathan Potter (No Deposit)


Graham Skirrey (No Deposit)

Phil Cushing (No Deposit)


Steve Hodson (No Deposit)

Joe Bolland (No Deposit)


Danny Bolland (No Deposit)

Phil Birch (Deposit Paid)


Jim Veitch (Deposit Paid)

Barry Long (Deposit Paid)


Dave Bargewell (No Deposit)

Kev Worth (No deposit)







Keep checking back for latest list of signed up teams.

All latest updates will be on our Redwood Park Facebook Page.



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